A new diagnosis

My dear friends,
What a crazy couple months it's been since i've written! There's so much to write and a lot on my mind but I think i'll start by updating you on the biggest thing. 2 1/2 months ago I was told I had typhoid and parasites and started treatment to get rid of both. After a month I still felt awful but headed to the states for the Holidays and time to recover. There was a part of me that thought" I'll be in the US, I'm sure i'll feel better in no time!" But no such luck. Though being with family and friends was wonderful and kept my spirits high, I still knew something was wrong. After returning to Mexico I got more tests done and it turned out everything was back in full force. I started another round of a different antibiotics but nothing seemed to help.
    I was at the end of my rope. My body was tired, my mind was tired and I didn't want to fight this anymore. We prayed that the Lord would open a door for us, show us what needed to happen and heal my body. Wesley's clients would email to let us know they were thinking about me, and his men's Bible study prayed every week for healing. Though I felt covered in prayer my body still hurt.
      Last week my father-in-law went out on a limb and emailed an acquaintance who has a house here on Cabo. He's a brain surgeon who has gotten into natural healing and is a genius in the medical field. 2 hours later there was an email back saying they had just gotten into town and that he'd like to meet with me the next morning at 9am. We were all shocked. It was truly an act of God.
    The meeting was amazing. My brain was filled to capacity with information. And a new diagnosis was made. He read my test results, listened to my symptoms and asked me detailed questions. It turns out I never had Typhoid. I had Typhus. And I also have what's called Candida. Which is a yeast infection of the body and causes some pretty horrible symptoms. On top of that my parasite count is still very high. The reason the treatments weren't working is because we weren't treating the right disease. Everything he told me made sense and the pieces started falling into place. The best part: He treats everything NATURALLY! No more yucky antibiotic which cause more harm than good.
      I am now on an extremely strict diet which already seems to be helping. Before my diagnosis I was craving sweets, and breads and those "comfort foods." Little did I know, that is a symptom of Candida and when fed those things I got worse and gave the parasites exactly what they wanted.
      My mind is blown. My heart is thankful. And my body is on it's way to recovery!

     The past couple months have been hard. I have forgotten what feeling healthy is like. I miss exercising and thriving. But through all the pain, the days in bed, the tears and the confusion, the Lord never left me. He put things and people in my path to keep me going, to encourage me and I praise him. Don't lose heart my friends, if you're struggling and you can't seem to find the light. The Lord works in mysterious and wonderful ways. He will surprise you when you've reached your limit. He'll NEVER give you more than you can handle but sometimes He wants to show us just how much we can endure.
When we're in our darkest we praise Him. When we are at our highest we praise Him.  

Have a beautiful Thursday!


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